SustainU was started by ordinary people looking to make a more authentic and honest garment and with an understanding of how important conserving our planet’s limited resources is. This Morgantown company is a pioneer in utilizing recycled fabric and other unique resources to create clothing that is both durable and comfortable. Following strictly adhered to processes, SustainU is able to save millions of gallons of chemicals, petroleum, water and CO2 emissions.

The company is also pleased to help reinvigorate the manufacturing sector and is proud to be “American-made” at each stage of production. For SustainU, there is no settling for cheap overseas labor which always comes at a much higher hidden cost.

SustainU is just one example of a homegrown company doing big things on the international stage. Its national headquarters and center for sales, printing and distribution, are all located in one of the highest performing MSAs in the nation – It’s Morgantown, of course.


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238 High Street
Suite 101
Morgantown, WV 26505