CONSOL, like Morgantown and all of West Virginia, can trace its roots straight down the state’s coalmines. CONSOL was established more than 150 years ago when coal operators in the region combined their resources to create the nation’s largest coal conglomeration. In the years since, CONSOL has diversified its holdings to include natural gas wells throughout the Appalachian region. CONSOL’s economic impact and community stewardship is directly felt in Morgantown and the surrounding area. Many of our community’s residents work either directly or indirectly for CONSOL’s headquarters in Canonsburg, Pa., less than an hour’s drive from Morgantown on Interstate 79.

CONSOL is just one example of a regional company doing big things on the national stage. The effects of its success can be felt throughout the region and in one of the highest performing MSAs in the nation – It’s Morgantown, of course.


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238 High Street
Suite 101
Morgantown, WV 26505